Sunday, March 16, 2014

Attack of the Sabre Tooth: 2005 2 out of 10

Attack of the Sabre Tooth  2005   2 out of 10

Attack of the Sabre Tooth has to be one of the the worst in the Jurassic Park Rip off genre.  The story features a greedy owner of  a island zoo and hotel  called "Primal Park" that will feature some Genetically cloned Sabre Tooth Tigers.   Well as you can guess he invites some investors to check out the place before it opens and everything goes wrong.  The bad CGI tigers are on the loose and start killing off some college kids that sneak into the unopened zoo section on a frat scavenger hunt.  The plot has the typical "Jaws Scenario" moment where the owner is warned to shut down the resort while the tigers are on the loose, but instead because of money keeps it open anyway.   The CGI tigers look unfinished --but this is a low budget film from 2005 so I'll give it a pass.   It also using the "When in doubt of how scary your monsters are always resort to Predator vision" concept of trying to create tension.  The plot however is just all over the place and really boring.  Bad dialogue and unnecessary and out of place scenes are abundant.  For example --the dangerous tigers are already on the loose and killing people at the beginning of the film and then the college kids break into the zoo and cut the power.  It is almost like the film makers forgot that the tigers were already on the loose and felt the need to create a 2nd reason that they were on the loose??   After being warned by his lackluster security which features a horny (Stacy Haiduk from Seaquest hat seduces one of the employees for no apparent reason in the middle of the crisis)  the greedy owner takes  his investors on a tour of the zoo area ----and none of them get killed???  It is almost like they tried to piece together parts of the movie in editing and it just didn't work. 

Watch the Trailer and skip  this cheesy low budget Jurassic Park rip off.   

Instead check out Age of the Dinosaurs 2013  a much more exciting cheesy Jurassic Park rip-off

Or Mummy Theme Park  one of the best  SO BAD That it is GOOD movies ever.

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