Monday, April 16, 2012

The Land That Time Forgot 2009 5 out of 10

LOST with a Dinosaur.......It came out around the same time that  the big budget Will Ferrell Land of the Lost came out --plus the TV show LOST --about being stuck on a strange island was on ABC as well......(Asylum has a habit of doing that....just see Almighty Thor----I mean Don't see Almighty Thor it was terrible)..... My Almighty Thor Review is  here

      I hate that they are able to put the words Edgar Rice Burrough's The Land That Time Forgot  on the box because low budget movies like this and my previously reviewed  Jules Verne's  Mysterious Island really don't do those classic books justice.  
(My Mysterious Island reivew is here)

Someone growing up today my be turned off from reading this classic books after watching these  cheap low budget versions of them with the names of such classic authors attached.  Edgar Rice Burrough's  deserves  versions like Disney's  Tarzan and John Carter rather than  films starring (C Thomas Howell).   That being said ---at least this  direct to DVD movie was watchable unlike the Mysterious Island film that was direct to Syfy earlier this year.    Sure it was low budget and they kept shooting scenes in the same 5 shot locations over and over again.....But for an Asylum movie this one was decent in all its cheesy glory.

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