Sunday, April 1, 2012

Benchwarmers 2006 5 out of 10 Antibullying with a laugh or 2

A movie with a message about anti-bullying starring  Rob Schneider??   The movie itself was just okay the message or heart of the movie was unexpected. Jon Heder---plays an adult nerd that still wears a helmet and for an acting choice he basically just plays the character like Napoleon Dynamite with a helmet  (what range).  David Spade is basically just nerdier version of his exact same character he always plays with a bad haircut and  Nick Swardson is basically wasted as  Spade's brother that is afraid of the sun.  They all play a bunch of losers that never got picked to play ball back in the day that stand up to a bunch of young bullies that are picking on a kid.  This brave action  and the help of another former nerd that is now a billionaire (Jon Lovitz) leads them to  band together to take on little league teams and get payback.   The  humor in the movie is pretty average---nothing special or exceptionally funny.  The message was actually pretty heartfelt one about anti-bullying which was a bit of a surprise coming from Deuce Bigalow and Joe Dirt.  Rob Scheider --who to me is usually a throw away character with a few funny moments in Adam Sandler movies actually does a pretty good job as the main character that isn't exactly what he seems.   That plot point was predictable-but worked well anyway.  All in all it was a so-so comedy that was only slightly more than I expected it to be.

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