Thursday, April 30, 2020

Futureman TV Series Review Seasons 1-3

As we discussed on our recent Podcast of things to watch during the lockdown of 2020 - Future Man Hulu was one of the suggestions.   Future Man is a Time Travel comedy that can best be described as The Last Starfighter meets Hot Tub Time Machine.  Season one was great.   A couple of time travelers from a miserable future land in the year 2017 to find the "savior". An average guy that was the only person in the world to beat their recruitment video game.  Of course, he isn’t what they expected instead he is just a video game playing janitor.    They join up with him anyway to try and fix the future by changing the past.   Time Travel fans know how good that usually works out and this show takes us on a fun journey through time.

The highlights from Season 1 include some great stuff in the 1980’s that includes one of the Time Travel warriors becoming a Corey Hart fan and getting involved in an impromptu shirtless Volleyball game a la TOP GUN.     My favorite episode of Season 1 includes this same character Wolf opening an underground sewer restaurant where he kidnaps famous people for a culinary experience of a lifetime. There is also a great scene where the main character accidentally cock blocks his dad and takes the Back to the Future mom scene a step to far.  The first season has some really funny stuff and plays around with fun Time Travel homages.

Season 2 for me was a little bit disappointing as the show gets bogged down in a dystopian future that was a little less compelling then going back in time.  The show picks back up again near the end of the season with some really good stuff and the end of season 2 sets up perfectly for a great third season.

Season 3 picks up in far future with our characters prisoners and a part of a Running Man style game show.  A hilarious start to an interesting season.   I loved some of the concepts in this season like the place they find called HAVEN.  A place where time stands still.   All in all it was a good show and a fun and easy binge-watch.  Of course, I’m a big-time travel fan.

 The finale of season 3 was a satisfying series finale.  Of course, this is a time travel show –so they could always find a way to continue on.

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