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Bad Moms 2016 6 out of 10

Bad Moms 2016  6 out of 10

Bad Moms was a good movie...not a great movie.  It was typical of many modern day comedies in that all the really good stuff made it into the trailer.   The trailer was excellent and the cast for this film gave it so much potential, but the film as a whole didn't live up to the promise of the trailer.  It was similar to Daddy's Home with Will Ferrell in that the trailer promised much more than the movie delivered.

The Cast
The cast was stellar.  Mila Kunis stars as Amy and does a great job as the mom that has finally had enough of trying to be he perfect mom.  It also starred Kristen Bell (one of my favorites)  and Kathryn Hahn  (who shines in a suppporting role) .   Christina Applegate plays  Gwendolyn the dictator style head of the PTA that is basically the nemesis of the film.

The Story  (Spoilers)
The story was decent.   It basically follows the adventures of a mom who is pushed to her limit in attempting to be the best mom dong everything.  Her husband doesn't appreciate her and she finds him sex chatting with some other girl and kicks him out of the house.   Her boss doesn't appreciate her and her kids take her for granted.  She is rushing around trying to do everything and arrives late to the PTA meeting about the bake sale and when the head of the PTA tries to punish her for being late --she rebels.  She decides that it is okay to be a Bad Mom every once in awhile.  She joins up with a couple other  struggling moms and they start to have some wild adventures.  The problem is the wild adventures weren't wild enough.  

The group of girls try to take over the PTA by Mila's character running for president and after throwing a wild Mom party start to win over the other moms.   Gwendolyn retaliates by using her power to get Amy's daughter kicked off the soccer team by framing the daughter by putting weed in her locker.  Amy hits rock bottom as her kids rebel and go to stay with the loser dad and she loses her job.   The film then has a too simplistic conclusion.  Amy goes from crying on her couch and not wanting to go to the Election to showing up and giving a big speech and winning everyone over. Everyone gets an unrealistic happy ending that doesn't seem earned by the characters.  This ending was 

In Summary 
Bad Moms was a decent comedy that had moments. I loved the cast of talented actresses,  but the film under delivered on the promise of its trailer.  It should have been a wilder ride.

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