Thursday, February 26, 2015

The Sequels that Never Were, But we wish they had made: Top 5 countdown #3 Beetlejuice

Coming in at Number 3 on my list of the Sequels that never were list, but we wish they had made.

I've wanted a sequel to Beetlejuice ever since I left the theater after watching the original.  It was funny, quirky and original.  Beetlejuice and Nightmare Before Christmas perfectly capture Tim Burton's demented mind on the screen.  With a soundtrack by Danny Elfman (of course)  this movie explores a married couple dealing with the fact that they are now ghosts.  They make the mistake of summoning Beetlejuice instead of following their  guide to the dead handbook on how to haunt their own house.   Like many of Tim Burton's movies the look of the film and especially the afterlife sections were inspired by German Expressionism.  
The movie as great as it is just scratches the surface of its potential.  We just get a glimpse of an amazing afterlife in the waiting room scene that shows us a bunch of dead people waiting for help.  That is the world a sequel needs to explore and with the special effects of today the mythology behind the movie could be a fertile playground for numerous films.

Well fortunately this sequel that never was .... looks like it may finally be happening now.  Fresh off of his role in Birdman, Michael Keaton is now hot again and Tim Burton has annouced that a sequel is finally in the works.  I just hope that it can live up to my imagination and explore the world where Beetlejuice lives.

Here is our recent podcast where we discuss wanting a sequel to this and many other films.      Find out what else made my list as well as what made my co-hosts lists in a fun discussion.

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