Saturday, February 21, 2015

The Sequels that Never Were, But we wish they had made: Top 5 countdown #5 Killer Klowns From Outer Space

Coming in at Number 5 on my list of the Sequels that never were list, but we wish they had made.

Killer Klowns is a fun Comedy/Horror film.    It is a silly concept about a bunch of Aliens from outer space that look like demented clowns.  They land in a small town in their giant flying Circus tent and start capturing the town folk and storing them in cotton candy cocoons so that they can eat them later.  The special effects are great.  The look of the evil human eating clowns is awesome.  If one of these clowns showed up to your kids birthday part you had better run for your life.   I would love to see a sequel to this 1988 cult movie and I've heard rumors about it for years.   The latest rumor is that it may actually happen in 2016---but I will believe it when I see it......and see it I will.  Bring back the clowns with a full scale invasion of demented Killer Klowns --returning to earth to see what happened to the original crew.   

Here is our recent podcast where we discuss wanting a sequel to this and many other films.      Find out what else made my list as well as what made my co-hosts lists in a fun discussion

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