Sunday, August 10, 2014

The Horror of it All 1963 5 out of 10

The Horror of it All 1963  5 out of 10

It is listed as a horror comedy....Well there really wasn't much of what I would call comedy in this horror comedy.  I've definitely seen this story before in many forms including The Old Dark House which came out the same year from William Castle (which was a remake of a 1930's movie).   It is the old story where an American Salesman crashes his car and ends up in a spooky mansion with a bunch of weird relatives.  The relatives start to get killed off during the night and the mansion is cut off from the regular world.  So it is basically a who dunnit  murder mystery in a creepy mansion movie.  It is very true to the formula of this type of movie.   Pat Boone is decent in the lead role of the salesman, which in this case has come to the mansion to marry one of the relatives.  The best parts would have to be the creepy family museum in the basement with the trash compactor crushing machine that almost takes out our lead and the creepy song Pat Boone breaks into in the middle of the movie (which is completely out of place). 

Here is a clip from this flick

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