Sunday, August 31, 2014

Darklight 2004 4 out of 10

Darklight  2004   4 out of 10

The plot for Darklight sounded interesting enough to record it on the DVR. The movie had several Sci-Fi  names in it like John De Lancie (Q from Star Trek-: Next Generation) and David Hewlett (Stargate & Stargate Atlantis) and the story centered on a secret society teaming up with a demon that doesn't know her past to fight another demon that is out to destroy humanity.  The girl (Shiri Appleby)  teams up with an agent (Richard Burgi)  from this secret group called the Faith and starts to learn about her past and trains to use an ability called Darklight.

The movie had a definite made for TV movie feel to it and very well could have been a pilot of a sci-fi TV show.    The special effects are totally goofy (2004 Bad CGI) as the two demons battle.  The acting talents of  John De Lancie were wasted by an underwhelming story and lackluster action sequences.

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