Monday, August 11, 2014

Guardians of the Galaxy 2014 9+ out of 10 (A Pleasant Surprise)

Guardians of the Galaxy 2014  9+ out of 10
Guardians of the Galaxy was Pretty f…ing Epic and a big surprise.  So many movies disappoint or under delivery nowadays.  It is great when one can really pleasantly surprise you (the same way Pirates of the Caribbean did years ago) .   When Disney/Marvel first announced they were doing a Guardians of the Galaxy movie…I had no idea what to expect.  Not being a huge comic book guy (outside of Indy and Star Wars comics) I had no clue who the Guardians of the Galaxy even were.   Marvel has done such a great job with all the Avenger characters that I figured I’d eventually see it—just maybe not in the theaters. Then I saw the kick ass 4-D sneak peek at Disneyland last week and it became a must see and still somehowexceeded my expectations.

Other films need to take notes:
After Guardians of the Galaxy –Star Trek may as well head back to the small screen and Star Wars better step up to the plate.  Disney owns Marvel and Star Wars— so this actually only makes me feel more confident that the new Star Wars movies will be good.  Industry experiments were worried that this obscure comic meet be a risk, yet I'd say that only The Avengers from the Marvel universe is better than this flick.  A little bit Raiders (the opening sequence was totally Raiders in Space)  and a lot Star Wars.

The movie itself:
 Guardians was the perfect mix of action and humor with a little bit of emotion when you didn’t expect it.  The visuals were fantastic, from the stunning set pieces to the Revenge of the Sith worthy spaceship battles.  This movie really had a little of everything.  The background scenes looked like the cantina scene from Star War and there were many delightful Star Wars style scenes like the chicken fighting creatures in the bar.  The plot as a whole was excellent and tied into a lot of hints from previous Marvel movies and gave us clues about future Marvel adventures as well. 

The characters:
The Characters were great. I lovedDrax The Destroyer (Mr Literal) and the talking tree Groot that can only say “I am Groot”.  The coolest bunch of losers in the galaxy.   Chris Pratt (who seemed like an odd casting choice at the time the movie was announced) was great as Star Lord and has probably just transformed himself into a movie star with this role and his upcoming role in Jurassic World.

One of the best parts of the movie was the storyline that tied into the great soundtrack.  Starlord’s Awesome Mixed tape was a great concept and a wonderful part of this film.
Definitely see Guardians of the Galaxy in the Theaters.  I can’t wait for a sequel or to see what Disney does with Star Wars

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