Sunday, May 18, 2014

Megashark vs Mecashark 2014 3 out of 10

Megashark vs Mechashark  2014

I was working my way through a bunch of bad Japanese stuntman in a Godzilla suit movies on a Chiller TV Godzilla marathon and after about 3 of those --decided to switch things up a little and watch some Giant CGI sharks battle it out.    Megashark vs Mechashark  is the third movie in the Megashark franchise and wow was this 3rd installment terrible.    The movie poster is awesome and I'm always up for a bad shark movie---but this was really, really bad (unfortunately just bad and not so bad it is good like Sharknado was).

The movie stars a couple of recognizable actors that I have enjoyed in other projects,  Elizabeth Rohm  (from Angel)  and Christopher Judge (from Stargate SG1) .  Unfortunately they spend the entire first half of the movie sitting in chairs talking to each other via intercoms.  This doesn't give them much to do other than read bad dialogue to each other.   Debbie Gibson is also back in a role that literally adds nothing to the movie.   The plot was totally predictable,  after all the previous Megashark attacks the government decides to build a mechanical shark to battle the Megashark which Elizabeth's character (Rosie)  pilots with the help of a computer that sounds like KITT from Knight Rider.   Well things go wrong  after a couple of lackluster battles between the 2 sharks   and the Robot shark loses its programming and goes on a rampage through  what is supposed to be Sydney, Australia , but is actually Long Beach CA.    It was just a really boring and dull giant shark movie that even had a dull and boring climax that wasn't much better than the dreadful low budget Super Shark.    I guess I should have just kept watching the bad Godzilla movies instead.....

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