Sunday, January 26, 2014

The Big Year 2011 5 out of 10

The Big Year 2011  5 out of 10

I really don't get what they were going for with this movie? 
Are you looking for a wacky, zany bird watching movie---well this isn't that.

I guess the only reason I ended up watching it is because of Steve Martin (one of my favorite comedians) and  Owen Wilson (who is usually pretty good).  When I noticed it on TV I hit the DVR button and figured I'd give it a look.  Despite being a movie about bird watching it had a lineup of big name comedians in it  (even if Jack Black is one of those names----he ranks in several of the worst movies I've seen in the last decade).   

The movie itself  was actually a decent.  It just wasn't what you would expect.  It wasn't really a comedy at all.  It was more a love letter to the joy of bird watching and a look at how this obsession could have a toll on the lives of the families of those involved in the hobby.  It is fine if you want to make a movie about bird watching----just don't cast three comedians in what really isn't a comedy and expect it to be a success.   I'm not surprised that this movie tanked at the box office and it isn't something I would watch again.  It just really left me confused how a straight - non comedy bird watching movie got made in the first place.  It is just really false advertising.  

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