Tuesday, December 31, 2013

The Beast Must Die 1974 7 out of 10

The Beast Must Die 1974   7 out of 10

A millionaire invites a group of people to spend time at his mansion.  One of them he claims is a werewolf and he is determined to figure out which one by the end of the weekend and hunt and kill them.  "The beast must die"  he  loudly proclaims in overly dramatic fashion.  The film is kinda of cheesy and yet kind of interesting at the same time. It is more of a who done it with a twist than a horror movie with a little bit of The Most Dangerous game thrown in.    The main actor played Calvin Lockhart is so over the top that I found his performance enjoyable.  The film also features horror legend Peter Cushing as one of the possible werewolves.   The end of the movie the 4th wall is broken during a 30 second werewolf break where the audience is asked to guess how the werewolf is like some cheesy Castle Films stunt.  Enjoyable nachos with 1970's cheesy sauce.  

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