Tuesday, November 27, 2018

Skyscraper 2018 8+ out of 10

Skyscraper 2018   8+ out of 10

Let's face it Skyscraper is just a remake of Die Hard with a different name.  In the world of where everything is remade it is surprising that they didn't actually do it under the Die Hard brand.  But whether it says Die Hard on it or not it is a basically a Die Hard film.   So what does this film have going for it to make it special??  Dwayne the Rock Johnson of course.

The Rock stars Will Sawyer as a former FBI Hostage Rescue Team Leader and war veteran that lost his leg from an explosion shown the beginning of the film.  The film picks up 10 years later and his character has been hired as a security expert to assess the world's newest and tallest skyscraper.  This thing is supposed to be the safest building in the world.  Whenever you brag about the world's tallest and safest building it is of course doomed like the Titanic.  Of course a crime syndicate is after some evidence that the owner of the building holds and decide to set the building on fire after disabling the buildings alarms.   Will Sawyer's family happens to be in the building at the time and he has to climb a construction crane and leap with his one leg into the building and then take on the syndicate.  

The film is totally ridiculous and over the top and that is a good thing.  The Rock just has whatever it is in Hollywood.  He is this generations Arnold Schwarzenegger.   He shines in this role as a father trying to save his family against the odds.  The film is full of fun action sequences and was a fun summer action film.  If you like the Rock you will enjoy this flick.  The only thing the original Die Hard has on this film is a better villain.   You just can't beat Alan Rickman in Die Hard.

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