Monday, February 19, 2018

Altered Carbon TV Series Review

Altered Carbon is a strange yet intriguing Sci-Fi Series on Netflix. It is set in a future that is visually ripped off from Bladerunner (down to the neon and rain soaked streets)  that features a world where consciousness is digitalized and stored in cortial stacks implanted in peoples necks. It allows humans to survive physical death and basically have immortality (if you can afford it that is).  It delves into the lose of morality of those who are basically immortal.

The story follows a trained assassin who is downloaded from a prison and is uploaded in a disgraced cops body by some super rich person in order to solve his murder.  The TV series basically starts out as a an interesting murder mystery set in this weird future but about 6 or 7 episodes in takes some strange tangents into a much more personal story for the protagonist.  I personally wish the story had stuck to the murder mystery roots, but instead it went into a different direction.

It is a visual interesting story series with some really cool Bladerunner style sets that provides some cool action sequences and gratuitous nudity.  It is definitely worth a watch for Sci-fi fans and at 10 episodes in length easily binge worthy.  I binged it in a weekend.  I wouldn't say that it is great, but it was still an enjoyable watch.


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