Thursday, April 7, 2016

Conan The Barbarian 2011 9 out of 10

Conan The Barbarian 2011 9 out of 10

It was exactly what a Conan should be.....and yet it was an epic failure?
I love sword and sandal movies....The R rated Conan the Barbarian with Arnold and its cheesy but still fun PG sequel Conan the were great.....Years I would read the original Conan stories by Robert E Howard and all of the Robert (Wheel of Time fame) Conan books.

They were great. Set in a world with as thick as Tolkien and filled with sword vs Sorcery. All had similar story lines. Conan battling epic forces to save some girl while still being the Barbarian that he is....I wanted more......I wondered how long it would be before they could bring Conan back with modern day special effects......

Well 2011 was that year. Conan hit the big screen with all the spectacle of modern day film making. They made a Conan movie like those I had read and envisioned in my head....That had partially inspired my own short stories of the Pineappleman (which is part Indiana Jones and part Conan). It was brutally violent and graphic and took you right into the books... Jason Momoa did a great job stepping into the shoes of Arnold and yet the movie was a box office disaster......Why? Bad Marketing? What happened to Conan's big comeback?
The movie was fun and if you have read Conan books captured those adventures very well. So what went wrong? My hopes of a series of Conan movies dashed yet again --just like when Conan the Destroyer under performed. Somehow the public would rather see Smurfs the movie or a 3rd Chipmunks film (yes I understand different audiences) but still... As a fan of big 80's action films I find it really disappointing that Conan will once again drift away from the film landscape... Just when they got it right....

If you like your action bloody, your taverns filled with topless women and your hero carrying around the heads of his slain enemies...check out Conan quickly before it disappears from the big screen for another 20 years.

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