Sunday, November 16, 2014

Star Wars Burlesque @ the Devil's Playground Part 1 Boba Fett Rountine - Audrey Deluxe (Star Wars fun)

Several years ago when I imagined my Star Wars Vegas Hotel/ Theme Park and Casino---this act from Star Girls -- Devil's Playground Burlesque would totally of fit in my adults only night time Jabba's Palace show.    Sexy Boba Fett Burlesque with Han Solo Carbonite.    (sorry for the bad quality of my I-phone pictures).    If you are a Star Wars fan and not easily offended  then check this out the next time they perform in Los Angeles.  
 It was a totally fun night.

Here is the link to their facebook page

Here is Audrey Deluxe as Sexy Boba Fett

Here is a You Tube video that shows the routine...... Definitely worth checking out the next time they do it.  


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