Tuesday, November 18, 2014

Disaster LA (AKA Apocalypse LA) 2014 2 out of 10 (Zombie Movie Review # 8)

  Disaster LA 2014     2 out of 10

Another low budget Zombie movie that lands with a big thud.  
This is about as a zombie movie can be.

It was really sad -because the movie started out with a little bit of potential as a group of friends are having a party and all of a sudden there is an announcement that a strange meteor shower is occurring in the skies.  It was obviously going for a Cloverfield feel at the beginning .   The main character wakes up after a night of partying to a city that has been bombarded by this strange meteors. The group of friends gather together and then another warning happens that the dust from the meteors is making people sick....and by sick we mean turning them into zombies.    The movie that started with the possibility of  being interesting --just gets worse and worse as it goes along.  In a similar fashion as the movie "The Happening" which got worse every minute.  This movie was just dull.  I didn't care about any of the characters including the John Stamos wannabe lead. 

The problem with such low budget movies like this is how implausible they are  (and I'm not talking about the meteors turning people into zombies).   The title I saw this movie on the Syfy channel under was Apocalypse LA  and to call this an Apocalypse is a slap in the face to the word.   If this event just happened there would be a lot more people running around in the streets trying to escape,  but because of the films pitiful budget this isn't possible. Instead we get a movie with about 6 characters in Los Angeles being chased by no more than 2-3 zombies at a time.  Most of the movie takes place in what looks like abandoned parking garage --and empty alleyways.  Characters stupidly one after another end up sacrificing themselves to lack luster zombies.  The lack on people in Los Angeles during on End of the World type event was just laughable and annoying.  Watching the 2 characters that make it to end of this pointless zombie movie running down the middle of an empty street --being chased by a couple of zombies is just an insult to zombie movies.   And they make it to the beach at the end???  Is the beach supposedly safe???    If I had seen this before we had recorded our recent Zombie movie podcast---it may have made my worst Zombie movie ever list.
Skip this one

The movie was made worse by the fact that I watched an episode of The Walking Dead immediately afterwards  --which blew it away.

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Up next I'll be watching World War Z  (which I had skipped because of the over the top CGI in the trailers---but now want to check out after Andy and Russell's comments on the film in the podcast.

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