Monday, January 8, 2018

Black Mirror Season 4: USS Callister Review

U.S.S. Callister  Season 4 Episode 1  

I know it is only January 7th, --but this may already be one of the best hours of TV for 2018.  Black Mirror Season 4 has premiered on Netflix and it's first episode is amazing.   Black Mirror is basically the Twilight Zone in the age of Technology.   In U.S.S. Callister they take a Twilight Zone classic” It’s a Good Life” where the boy controls everything like a god and take it to the next level with a virtual reality world.   Basically, a virtual prison on an old sci-fi show. It is part Galaxy Quest meets a terrifying episode of Twilight Zone.  

The main actor Jesse Plemons is amazing as the Captain” Captain Ass” as the crew refers to him.  If Matt Damon had and uglier twin that would-be Jesse Plemons.  His Captain Kirk impression is both charming and frightening at the same time.  It is an excellent performance.  The first time we see his character in the virtual world he is the heroic Captain saving the day.  It isn’t until he downloads the new girl from the office into this virtual world using her DNA that we see the darker side that seems straight out of the classic Twilight episode starring Billy Mummy wishing people off into the cornfield if the don’t cooperate with him.  This episode is a mix of Star Trek and that episode and the mix is absolute magic.

If you are a fan of Twilight Zone, then you need to be watching this show.
I can’t wait to dig into the other 5 episodes.  

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