Tuesday, December 19, 2017

One of the big questions from The Force Awakens was who are Rey’s parents? (Spoiler Alert)

Spoiler Alert!!!!!  You have been warned.

Are we really supposed to believe Kylo Ren about who Rey’s parents are?

The answer to this question in The Last Jedi didn’t sit right with me.    What about Rey’s Vision from the Force Awakens?    
If she isn’t anybody special and her parents were just junkers that sold her for drinking money, then why did her visions appear to insinuate that she was at the Jedi temple and that Kylo didn’t kill her.   That vision was then immediately followed by her being left on Jakku.  It feels to me like they original planned for her parents to be someone and either changed their minds because they didn’t really have all three films mapped out yet or that Kylo is lying.    Unless the former is true I still believe Kylo couldn’t bring himself to kill her at the Jedi Temple –Wiped her mind and dropped her on Jakku.    Your Thoughts?

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