Wednesday, May 24, 2017

The Giant Behemoth 1959 6 out of 10

The Giant Behemoth  1959  6 out of 10

The oceans ecosystem has changed and a giant prehistoric beast has been awakened.   The first 40 minutes of this monster movie is pretty dull.  We get scenes with scientists talking dramatically with dramatic music meant to pump up the tension that doesn't fit what is on screen.  We only get glimpses of a beast from a far like the Lock Ness Monster and some people dying of radiation.  Then it is back to the lab for more science talk and to look at dead fish.  I was starting to lose interest and then finally a giant Kong/Godzilla sized footprint is found in a small English town that has been destroyed by the beast.   We call in a wacky scientist that looks like Gomez Addams that is excited about it.  The boring first portion of the movie finally is worth getting past if you are a fan of the old school Stop Motion monsters attacking cities movies. 

The Behemoth finally shows up in London where we actually get some decent footage of panicked Brits running away and then cuts to a giant clayish looking Dinosaur destroying things.   This is what giant monster movies back in 1959 looked like folks,  before Jurassic Park changed movies forever with a leap in special effects.  I don't mind the effects which by today's standards look cheesy.  I actually enjoy the old Harryhausen looking beasts.   This is a much better film than that terrible sea snail that attacked the world crap I saw last week.    I get a kick out of a scene of people running on a ship that the beast is attacking and then the film cutting to a Stop Motion Dino attacking a model ship with no one on it.   The last 25 minutes of the film was fun.   Unfortunately the film wasted way too much time getting to the fun.  I give it a 6 out of 10 because despite the slow start it eventually got enjoyable watching the beast stomp through models while people ran for their lives on completely different sets.

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