Saturday, February 27, 2016

Evidence 2013 7 out of 10

Evidence 2013   7 out of 10

Evidence was a twist on the lost footage genre.  It follows some cops trying to piece together some killing from on some video footage left behind by several of the victims.  The video footage was shot by a filmmaker that was making a video documentary on her friend while the killings occurred.  The movie has a bunch of twists and red herrings which makes it nearly impossible to piece together exactly what is happening.  Even though the plot is really far fetched---I give the filmmakers some credit for trying a different approach to the genre.  

The story follows a group of three friends that are going on a bus trip to Vegas for a video shoot or something ----It doesn’t really matter why –because they never make it to Vegas.  Instead they get butchered in some random abandoned town on a dirt road after their bus breaks down.   Of course in the real world the people would probably stop filming –but of course the movie would be over if they did so you need to accept this unlikely premise to buy in.   There were so many false leads that after awhile I just gave up on trying to figure it out ---because like the twist of the movie that baffled the cops ---the audience is lead down a certain path as well.  I can’t decide whether this was super clever or manipulative on the part of the film makers.    If you are a fan of the lost footage genre I’d say check this one out ---just for the added element of the story of the cops piecing through the Evidence.

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