Friday, March 6, 2015

The Sequels that Never Were, But we wish they had made: Top 5 countdown #1 Who Framed Roger Rabbit

Coming in at Number 1 on my list of the Sequels that never were list, but we wish they had made.

Who Framed Roger Rabbit needs a sequel.  It kills me that this movie never got a sequel, because it hands down my number 1 choice of movies that should have, but never did.   This movie was a true classic and the only reason it never got a sequel is due to legal and rights issues that are too complex to figure out.    A sequel was talked about numerous times and it is the first question that Robert Zemeckis is asked whenever he is promoting a movie.   It was animation meets film noir detective story.  It included classic cartoon characters from Disney, Warners and many other studios.   I would love to a sequel of this classic and it happened to be Russ's top pick as well.   Rather than go on and on about this film and why it needs a sequel ---instead check out a blog I did awhile back on my Disney page about a screening of the film I went to last year.

Here is a blog I did awhile back about a special screening I went to at Disneyland

Here is our recent podcast where we discuss wanting a sequel to this and many other films.      Find out what else made my list as well as what made my co-hosts lists in a fun discussion.

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