Thursday, January 1, 2015

The Watch 2012 8 out of 10

The Watch 2012   8 out of 10

Sometimes you can put a bunch of talented comedians and get a movie that just doesn't work.  This isn't an example of that.  The Watch was very watchable.    It was a good solid comedy movie with a strong cast of comedians.  Ben Stiller is he controlling OCD type that starts the group.  Vince Vaughn plays a less cocky version of his normal self and Jonah Hill as a total weirdo.   Ben Stiller's character decides to start a neighborhood watch after his coworker is killed at Walmart.  A group of guys join his watch, all for their own reasons and make up a good comedic team that while trying to investigate the murder stumble across an alien invasion.  The onscreen chemistry of the characters works well and the comedy and action of the movie are well balanced.    I especially thought that Vince Vaughn (who has a Bill Murray like ---Sometimes great ---sometimes annoying  thing going for him)   was great.    The movie had some quality comedy sequences in a plot that was well paced.  The funniest segment is when they capture a "Dead" alien and take a bunch of super weird pictures with it.  The special effects were also solid in this film and the aliens were more menacing than one would expect in a comedy like this.

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