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After Dusk They Come 2009 5 out of 10

After Dusk They Come  2009  5 out of 10

While watching this movie the other day on Chiller TV I had the feeling that I'd  seen this movie already.   And I was right....Apparently the theme of a small group of people going out on a Gilligan's island excursion and getting lost on an island with cannibals is intriguing enough to me to watch it again.....But it has a completely different cast.  The last time I saw this movie it was called The Lost Tribe.  See my brief review of that version of the movie below.

The Story behind this movie existing twice with a completely  cast is simple.   The movie was made starring Jewel Staite of Firefly fame which is this version.  The filmmakers finished the entire movie --didn't like it and decided to completely remake the entire film.   The movies are pretty much exactly the same.   It is LOST meets Predator.  I liked the original version that they scrapped slightly better and that may just be a result of Jewel Staite that I already have a connection with from loving Firefly as the main character.  
 Both movies were underwhelming Predator rip-offs where the girl in the Arnold role spend more time hiding than actually fighting back.   This version was really slow at getting going for the first 40 minutes or so and finally gets decent within the last 10 minutes when Jewel's character is basically stripped down to her underwear.

Pick one of these to watch based on which cast you like better---there is no need to watch it twice like I did.


P.S.  Is every movie involving water filmed partially in Long Beach?   There trip leaves from Long Beach , The Queen Mary is clearly seen in the background just like in Megashark vs Mechashark   (which was supposedly in Australia) ...  This time they leave Long Beach and in two days end up in the Antilles???   Go Figure.

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