Saturday, June 9, 2012

Super Shark 2011-----Super Shark NOT SO MUCH 3 out of 10

"So it's a shark then"
"A giant one"

Yet another Shark movie???  Yes that is correct.  Another bad shark movie.....This one has J.J. Dynamite Walker and John Schneider of Dukes of Hazard fame and a giant digital shark that repeatedly launches itself on the same stretch of beach like a bad hand puppet chomping on people in a digital blur.  The plot of this bad shark movie isn't much to speak of.  You know the story....a oil rig opens up a underwater shaft and out comes a Giant digital shark that is a little hungry.  Then you get a bunch of dull dialogue and a lame bikini contest and J.J. Walker basically playing himself and more chomping and then the U.S. Military tries to take out the shark unsuccessfully.  Super Shark is a poor man's Mega Shark.....This is un example of a Giant Shark movie that has all of it's best moments in the trailer.  All in all Super Shark isn't that Super.  

"Blow his ass up"

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