Sunday, November 6, 2011

Outlander 2008 9 out of 10 (The Best Vikings fighting an alien with the help of a Space man movie ever)

I sit down to watch a movie Sci-Fi  movie when it premieres on the Syfy channel with little or no expectations.   The movies are usually pretty bad---sometimes awful as I search for the occasional SO BAD that it is GOOD movie.....Well this Vikings fighting an alien with the help of a spaceman movie was a totally surprise.....I mean the premise sounded silly----Silly enough to get me to watch it, but it actually turned out to be a good Viking movie.   It obviously had a big theatrical release budget  (50 Million according to Box Office mojo).   It quickly became apparent that this was no little quickie cheap sci-movie but instead a major studio movie that got somehow lost in the gears of the studio system and never got a proper release.    It was a fun Viking Quest starring Jim Caviezel as the dude from some alien planet  that looks just like us.   The battles with the creature that tagged along on his crashed vessel starts to cause carnage around the Viking villages and leads to a Beowulf meets Lord of the Rings flavored Viking  tale of trying to slay the beast...  The effects are good, the action scenes solid, and the back story makes it interesting.    It was a total surprise of a movie that quenched my thirst for sword wielding monster killing fun.  It also stars Sophia Myles which I recall from the TV Series Moonlight.

There is a really interesting story on this page about the story behind the making of this film that explains the journey this totally underrated and barely seen film took to the box office where it died a quick unheard death...

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